DIY: Flower Appliqué x Sequin Skirt


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I wish I had photos of each step.. I was racing against the clock that night. I made this 3am the night before my Pop-Up because I wasn't feeling the outfit I had originally planned. 

Items used:
-Sequin Flower Appliqués
-Sequin Shirt (old)
-Needle & Thread

1. I cut the sleeves off the sequin shirt and hand stitched the arm holes closed.
2. Did up the buttons on the shirt so that it created an asymmetrical slit, I sewed the buttons of the blouse closed to create my "skirt" pattern.
3. Hand stitched each flower appliqué 
4. Prayed that my skirt wouldn't come undone during my Pop-Up with all the last minute nipping and tucking I did lol!


I promise the next time I post a DIY, it will be much more clear with proper step by step instructions which will include photos <3

This post was as savage as the process - /JL


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