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How do I track my order?

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Why hasn't my international item been delivered to me yet?

International orders are subjected to clear customs. Depending upon volumes at customs, delays may occur.

If you track your item online and the status shows it is with customs, please note we cannot intervene, but DHL will deliver your item promptly upon release.




Leather & Suede Care 

How do I take care of my suede shoes?

1. Seal the suede with suede protective spray to help repel dirt as well as prevent staining
2. Let the suede breathe. Store in a cool and dry place. Do not store suede shoes in plastic containers.
3. Avoid adding water or over exposure to direct sunlight (will fade suede)
4. Clean your boots before the end of each season.


Fur Care 

How do I store my #IAMJENNIFERLE Furs?

Do not store your fur in a bag of any type.  Bags reduce air flow and therefore circulation of moisture, which can speed up the drying out (biodegradation) of your fur.  Bags can also cause wear and broken hairs over time, at the points where it rests against the fur.  For the same reason do not try to protect your fur from dust by hanging a piece of cloth over the shoulders. Use of garment bags is OK for short periods of time when you are specifically trying to protect your fur during TRAVEL.

Hang your fur away from heat sources such as radiators and heat vents.  Heat can cause dry-rotting.  Dry-rot is when the natural oils in the leather and hairs of the fur are evaporated and the biodegradation process speeds up exponentially.  Once the natural oils are depleted from a fur there is no way to replenish them.  

Things to remember...

1. Allow your fur coat or other garments proper space in your closet
2. Furs like cold, hate heat.
3. Furs don’t like friction or chemicals (perfumes, hairspray etc)